I am Sarah Wilson, a designer and maker based in Glasgow, Scotland. I love whisky, my business started because my good friend Stevie asked for a table made from a Scottish whisky barrel, El Table can be seen below, and now here we are.

My other hobbies include travel and mountain bikes so I often collaborate in these areas, making signs for The Glentress Hotel and Adrenalin Uplift and trophies for Air Maiden and Sisters of Send festival.

Using reclaimed materials has it’s challenges but that’s all part of the fun. Every piece is unique due to the nature of such materials with loads of character, warmth and history. Collaborating with local artisans such as blacksmiths ensures the items I make are low carbon whilst keeping the money in the local economy.

If you have a project in mind contact me using the form below to get the ball rolling. It could be to fit an awkward space, celebrate a special occasion or something you have not seen elsewhere.