It has been a while, 3 months have passed since my last blog entry, three interesting months.

After our last trip around Scotland I really started to get my teeth into my van conversion, my new home for a while, and biking really took a hit, all my weekends were about the van and not much else. It was so worth it though, full van entry to follow soon but the van is a perfect little home, there are a few teething problems but am sorting those and loving getting out more in the van.

Van kitchen

In other news I was made redundant, I had that sickly horrible feeling for a few hours, then pulled my socks up and got some work sorted. I was to do some design work for a mate for a week, somehow this turned into being a trainee plumber and learning to install biomass boilers, wood burning stoves and solar panels. I am loving the job, I am always busy which is a nice change, learning loads and come March I will be off on my adventure to Europe. Beats sitting behind a desk every day that’s for sure, bit of a culture shock but in a good way. Who knows what the future holds, at least I know mine has adventure and challenges! My new job allows me to take my van to some lovely places too, it really is perfect right now.

Not a bad spot

Having not been on the bike much in three months I was really excited to go on a ride with Glasgow Meetup around Arrochar, somewhere new for me to ride, and it was stunning. We got a lovely crisp but dry winters day, the scenery was spectacular, the riding was fantastic and the banter was in full flow, I can’t wait to get back to Scotland and ride more in 2016.

Loch Long

I am currently in Gibraltar visiting my family for Christmas and New Year, have a good one folks and see you on the trails soon!

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