Hello world.

Lets get started shall we?


I am a graphic designer living in Glasgow who rides mountain bikes most weekends, I also ride BMX badly when I can. For me life is all about fun, friends, adventures and the outdoors.

I recently changed my diet to resolve some health issues (asthma and lethargy) and as a result lost 3 stone and gained a stack of confidence, why not share?

More me’s

Hopefully this blog will be a fun way to connect with people and share my adventures in Scotland, bikes and clothes. Who knows?

Todays clothing: Lego Pirate tee, Jeans, Inner tube belt, canvas trainers, penguin shirt at work.

Todays bike: Haro 24″ bmx for the commute, practicing more circular pedal technique (think scraping poop off your shoe on the back stroke). 

3 responses to “Hello world.”

  1. please, tell us more about the poop scraping!

  2. My replies keep vanishing!!

  3. After the down stroke, wipe your foot backwards as if wiping poop off your shoe, this gives a more rounded pedal stroke than the stomp stomp of just pushing down and works more muscles in your legs, it is more efficient once all the new muscles are working right!

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