Long, slim whisky barrel clock with steel band

Made from a reclaimed Scottish whisky barrel lid, this long, slender clock is a beautiful, characterful piece for your home. Retaining much of the blackened age in the oak and with some beautiful natural figuring, it really is a unique work of art. Small steel dots represent the numerals and tie in with the steel band which is a cleaned up section of the carbon steel bands that held the barrel together.

Dimensions: Height 530mm, Width 102mm

Price £70

Click on the images below to see a bigger version, I have taken photos to show all the unique marks and character of the wood, using reclaimed wood means no two pieces are the same, this listing is for the oak clock shown.

To order contact me using the form below or message me on social media to reserve. I will create an invoice based on the clock and any other items and combine shipping, once all agreed and finalised I will ship to you anywhere in the world.