Hexagon three legged stool

Reclaimed windowsills make the stunning red top of this stool whilst the oak legs are from an ancient French fruit cart, all hand carved for a rustic look. The stool legs are the through dowels you see on the top and are wedged with the same wood as the seat for a lovely contrast and extra strength.

Use as a seat, plant stand or a step (note care must be taken if used as a step and only place feet within the doweled area, not on the far corners or it can tip).

Dimensions: Height 325mm, Width (flat to flat) 330mm, Width (point to point) 380mm

Price £80

Click on the images below to see a bigger version, I have taken photos to show all the unique marks and character of the wood, using reclaimed wood means no two pieces are the same, this listing is for the red seated stool with oak legs only, the other two are just examples and are already sold. I can make more to order if you want a different combination or more than one stool, just drop me a message and I can show you what wood I have available and my availability.

To order contact me using the form below or message me on social media to reserve. I will create an invoice based on the stool and any other items and combine shipping, once all agreed and finalised I will ship to you anywhere in the world.